the a.o.d.
  1. active listening
    • encouraging the speaker & searching for meaning.
  2. creative conflict
    • confronting others in ways that produce growth.
  3. mediation
    • facilitating interaction to help people in conflict hear each other.
  4. negotiation
    • problem solving that meets some key interests of all involved.
  5. political imagination
    • re-imagining our futures according to our values.
  6. public dialogue
    • public talk on matters that concern us all.
  7. public judgment
    • public decision making that allows citizens to make choices that they are willing to help implement.
  8. celebration & appreciation
    • expressing joy & appreciation for what we learn as well as what we achieve.
  9. evaluation & reflection
    • assessing & incorporating the lessons we learn through action.
  10. mentoring
    • supportively guiding others in learning these arts of public life.
  11. building social capital
    • developing relationships within the community, drawing on people's talents & resources for the good of the community.
  12. diversity
    • understanding & appreciating the value that diverse life experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, & approaches bring to a community.

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