building social capital.
April 24, 2006, 8:03 pm
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media: Community bonds, social capital keep us going strong.

personal experience:
I am a member of an annual program called Styleboard. This program has brought me into many different situations and opportunities that I would have never been able to participate in on my own. I owe it to the program for allowing me many great opportunities that benefit my in numerous ways.

This program has impacted me in personal levels; an example of this would be boosting my confidence and self-image. Also, because of my membership with the program, I have been offered a couple of internships with the mall.

I don't receive these benefits without reciprocating them back, however. As members of the program, we do many beneficial things for the city of Federal Way, and for the Commons Mall (formerly SeaTac Mall). Radio stations and other companies have come to us to get our opinion on the way they run things, and for our suggestions on what they could improve on.

As a member of Styleboard for two years, I have been building social capital–along with reciprocity! I have made many connections with organizations and stores, not only in the Commons Mall, but all over in Washington. I also have met numerous new people due to the program, which I never would have met before.

Currently, we have started a new project with the Multi-Service Center. We are partnering up with them, along with clothing stores from the mall, to benefit the elementary school children who are homeless. Our goal is to provide them with BRAND NEW clothing, rather than second-hand, out of style, tattered clothing that they have.

I am pretty excited!

So you all should help out the chillun'!


AOD:activelistening. inclassnotes.
April 8, 2006, 9:15 am
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  • +focusing on speaker
  • +nodding
  • +shaking head
  • +requires patience
  • +eye contact
  • +facial expressions
  • +not distracted/distracting

Reflective listening

  • +Empathy
  • +Validate emotions
  • +"I" statements

Get to the deeper meaning

  • +Participate in conservation
  • +Restate what person is trying to say (Help them speak out their thoughts and emotions)
    • +Questions

Three things I learned:

  • +Difficult to maintain conversation w/out active listening
  • +Easier to understand/sympathize with the situation if you can relate
  • +You have to be reciprocate each other's ideas to fully comprehend

Hello world!
April 8, 2006, 6:03 am
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