May 25, 2006, 6:30 pm
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media: Building cultural diversity through music.

personal experience:

Katie and Elyse organized a diversity community meeting where we were able to talk to other random members in our school that we may have not talked to before.

We also brought dishes for the potluck that represented a specific food that we indentify with as being unique to our home.  (I worded that strangely, so… sorry.) 

I was able to learn about other people, and even if I hadn't talked to someone that day, another person would relay the diversity they encountered–thus everybody shared the experience.

One thing I learned was that no matter how you may perceive someone, they can always prove you differently–you can never assume you know someone perfectly.


negotiation & mediation
May 12, 2006, 7:47 am
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Media: Montpelier may turn to mediation to resolve future of Sabin's Pasture.

Personal Experience:

In our Envi.Chem./Speech Combined Studies class, we had a mock debate/meeting where we represented countries in Afria (Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa).

Judy & Sophia were our team mediators/facilitators–and they did a good job at keeping the crazy levels down.

It was difficult to accomplish each country's goals over control over the water. My country, Swaziland, just compromised A LOT due to the troublesome representatives of Mozambique. However, we were in need of a good facilitation team.

Thus, in the end, I discovered that in order to accomplish a good negotiation, we need compromise and mediation.

media: public judgment
May 12, 2006, 7:25 am
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New Shake-Up at the CIA Also Shakes Our Confidence.

active listening.
May 12, 2006, 7:20 am
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I've been exercising my brain, along with my mouth & ears head, shoulders, knees & toes for a while with my mother.

I guess it started because I've grown more and more comfortable with Mama Rose as I've matured. Well, honestly, I always have been. However, I am more honest with her–in terms of how I feel about situations, and everything that goes on between my friends and I. I have even clued Papa Rose into the sort of relationship that my mother and I share, which he sees as a gift.

But anyways, I am usually selfish–even in the way I talk. I often rant about the current issues and problems–the current wrongs in Lana's life so that the parents (the two people who listen best) can understand my situation and feed me their sympathy in sugarcoated comfort.

I recently started to change up the ratio of the amount I rant, to the amount in which they rant, so that they rant more than I rant… if that makes sense. Basically, I listened to what wisdom they can bring to the table, along with their problems, and talk to them about such things.

My mother, whether due to her age or what not, seems to become more and more neurotic at times. But I love her for it. I love crazy people, I do. Especially crazy moms, those are the best. But back to the point, Mama Rose seems to get "irked" at more and more things–and somewhat paranoid as well. I suppose I provide somewhat of a low-cost (more like free) therapeutic service at home for her. I talk through things with her, but most importantly, I listen to her.

My mom has been really stressed lately with her jobs and whatnot. She's a nurse practitioner for the military hospital in Blah-city. She spends her days listening to all the soldiers' stories (soldiers from Iraq), so I suppose it's nice to have somebody who cares for her that listens to her problems, instead of listening to theirs.

My dad also has a similar profession, being a child psychiatrist. It shocked me a few weeks ago when he confided many of his current issues in me, and looked to me for advice.

Anyways… I think I strayed from the topic of active listening quite a bit, but here's the jist. I exercised active listening with the folks!!!!